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How Do I Choose The Right Doctor For My Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you are interested in getting a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), you might be on a search to find the best doctor for you. This search sent you through countless Google searches, blogs, Instagram pages, and reviews, making it hard to go with just one doctor. With over 7,000 plastic surgeons in the United States alone and more than double that worldwide, your choices are almost limitless! This blog post will help you navigate to finding the best doctor for you.

The quickest way to narrow down your search is to decide if you are going to get the surgery performed locally or if you are willing to travel. If you are willing to travel, you are probably looking for a surgeon that has made Brazilian Butt Lifts their niche. I would do a google search to know more about the surgeons that are better known in this field. In the United States, Florida, California, and Texas are homes to many known surgeons. I would look at the pages of the most popular doctors but also doctors in the same area. Check out their websites, Instagrams, Facebook, Reviews on websites like and yelp.

They will most likely have many results for the type of surgery you want. I would analyze which doctors can provide the results you are looking for on body types most similar to yours. There are so many different styles for a BBL, so make sure you have a good idea of what you would like to look like at the end of the surgery.

Now that you have probably limited your choices a bit – it's time to do even more research! Look into their qualifications. I would recommend only considering Board Certified Doctors. Learn more about their years of experience, their reported techniques, the death rates, and any news related to the surgeon and their office. Narrow your pick to 5 doctors and do as much research as you need to feel confident in your surgeon's capabilities.

The best doctor for you will require you to take the time to go and find them. The search should take a few months to a year. Because once you’ve narrowed your options to 5 surgeons, it is time for the consultation where you will be able to ask questions. These are a few questions you can ask so that you are most informed about what this surgery requires. Asking these types of questions will help you narrow your choice and allow you to feel more comfortable with it!

  1. How many Brazilian Butt lifts have you performed?

  2. Am I a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift?

  3. Based on my body, what results do you think are realistic for me to expect?

  4. What techniques do you use for the procedure?

  5. How long will my surgery take and how long is the recovery process?

6. What should I do post-surgery to ensure I am recovering properly?

Brazilian Butt Lifts are a risky surgery and with growing popularity, there are more and more surgeons that are offering BBLs. This blog is meant to remind you to stay prudent and to be informed when you choose your surgeon. This won’t prevent you from experiencing any complications and it’s not a guarantee that your surgery will be 100% flawless. But it will guide you in finding the best doctor for your requirements and goals.

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