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What Do I Need For Post Op Recovery

These are essential items that are recommended to support you during your recovery

  • Liposuction Foams

  • Ab board

  • Back Board

  • BBL Pillow, if you’ve gotten a BBL

  • Urinal

  • Pineapple Tea

  • Second Stage Faja

  • Foams

Foam Pads will allow for uniform compression which will help reduce inflammation, swelling, and bruising. It will also add some comfort with its cushion-like feel.

You can use these around your abdomen, thighs, arms, chin, or any area that needs compression.

  • Boards (Ab board and Back Board)

Breathable, lightweight, flexible and firm. These high compression items will help reduce inflammation, smoothen scar tissue and protect the skin.

This product is not recommended the first days after surgery. Always consult your physician when it is most beneficial to wear this item.

  • BBL Pillow

A firm pillow used 1 - 2 week post a brazilian butt lift. These come in handy when you would like to have a seat but do not want to add any pressure on your newly enhanced buttocks.

You will place this item just under your butt where your upper thigh is located. Make sure your bottom is properly elevated and is not touching the pillow itself.

It is not recommended to sit on these for more than 30 minutes at a time.

  • Tea

It's high contents of fiber helps for a better function of the digestive system by stimulating and eliminating toxins and waste. It also helps decrease fluid retention.

Each box contains 30 bags.

Steep 3 tea bags in 16 oz of boiling water, and drink throughout the day.

  • Urinal

  • Second Stage Faja

Second Stage Fajas are high compression garments used to help mold your body during your recovery. These are typically worn around 2 weeks post op after wearing a first stage faja.

A first stage faja is a light compression garment typically given soon after your surgery. It's made from soft fabric and it's meant to support your skin after the procedure.

Second Stage Fajas are made of harder fabric. They are made with powernet for firm but breathable support. These are used to help mold your body when inflammation and swelling begins to subside. They come in different styles. Consult with your surgeon before using a second stage garment.

We sell all of these items in a bundle or separately on our store website!

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