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This BBL Mattress is a great solution for those seeking relaxation post surgery. This sturdy mattress is designed to allow you to sleep on your back without applying pressure to your newly enhanced bottom. 

An electric air pump is included for your convenience. 


Instructions for use: 

- Fill BBL Mattress up to 90%.

- Firmly shut the air valve.

- Add pillows and bed sheet for maximum comfort and for a personalized fit.


BBL Mattress: 

Material : PVC 0.35 mm

Size : 72‘’*40‘’*17‘’. Hole size 16inches.

Please measure the width of your buttocks before purchasing this item. 


Electric Air Pump

Specifications: 110V, 130W, 60HZ







Brazilian Butt Lift Bed

  • - Only fill up to 90%

    - Do not jump on item

    - Do not drag item on hard material 

    - Please ensure the valve is 100% closed before lying on the item. 

    - This is item is not made of cold resistant material. Allow 12 hours for the material to get used to 0 degree or below temperature. 

    - If the item becomes broken, please use our transparent tape to seal any holes.
    - Do not keep this item near any high temperatures.

  • We do not offer any refunds, returns or exchanges.

    Each mattress is inflated and inspected before being shippped.



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